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Haunting the desolate stretches of American back roads, Old 37 is there to take the sick and injured... Two brothers intercept 911 calls in their Father's retired Ambulance with horrific results. When the fraudulent paramedics cross paths with some local teens an innocent girl becomes the victim of mistaken identity and may have to take a ride in the back of Old 37.

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You can help drive Kane Hodder’s “OLD 37!"

Among the movies Fango fave Kane Hodder (see interview here) has on his upcoming slate is OLD 37, in which he plays one of two murderous brothers who pose as paramedics. Today a crowd-sourcing initiative for the film was announced; read on for the details.

The producers of OLD 37, which we last reported on here, have launched an IndieGoGo page to raise $5,000 to get the preproduction off the ground, and are offering perks including a walk-on role, the opportunity to have an original song played in the movie, autographed props, premiere tickets, etc. Scripted by Paul Travers, who will also produce with Carrie Alton and Evan Greenhill, and set to be directed and edited by Emmy winner Christian Winters, OLD 37 follows the deadly duo as they intercept 911 calls and pick up victims in an old ambulance. Hodder will also coordinate stunts for the movie, in which Brandi Cyrus (Miley’s older sister) and Max Ehrich have additionally been cast. HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN composer Darius Holbert will provide the music.

For more on OLD 37, check out its official website and Facebook page.

Check out what the #1 horror magazine Fangoria Magazine is saying about Old 37 and how you can get involved! So far, we have raised $3,060 out of our goal of $5,000 and there are 44 days left so all of your donations and support count!

IndieGoGo.com Campaign | Old 37

Want to have a walk on role in OLD 37? How about your bands song in the film? Will you choose The Abduction, The Blood, The Paramedic? Your choice! Contribute here and please spread the word!


Our Story
Producers Paul Travers, Dayna Ghiraldi, Carrie Alton and Evan Greenhill are producing a feature length horror movie directed by Christian Winters, about two brothers who intercept 911 calls in a beat up old ambulance called OLD 37.  

The script was written by Paul Travers after waking from a nightmare completely terrified. He dreamt he was in a car accident and the emergency responders were two disturbed men in a makeshift ambulance trying to kill him.

We have an incredible group of actors including LOI’s from horror icon Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th’s Jason) as well as Max Ehrich (Ugly Betty, High School Musical 3, The Pregnancy Pact) and Brandi Cyrus (Hannah Montana, Zooey 101).

The publicity team at Big Picture Media will be doing press throughout preproduction and filming, right through to the premiere. They have some really exciting concepts for the project we can’t wait to share.

Plot Synopsis:
Darryl and Jon Roy intercept 911 calls in an old blood-soaked ambulance disguised as paramedics to rid the streets of careless teen drivers.

Lonely girl Amy is struggling with her own identity crisis: go to college and leave her high school crush behind, or say screw it and do what ever it takes to get him. After the death of a close friend opens her eyes, Amy realizes what she must do.

Worlds collide after Amy steals her neighbor’s boyfriend Jason. His past mistakes put Amy face to face with Darryl and Jon Roy and lands her in the back of OLD 37 for the ride of her life.

Amy always wanted her neighbor’s life, now she’s going to get her neighbor’s fate.

This film will be full of American Muscle Cars and Hard Rock. It will shock your senses and make you think twice before dialing 911 ever again. 

The Impact
Producers are seeking this initial cash flow to pay for crucial aspects of starting the project. Creating a film is like raising a child; it takes a village. From inception to the final cut, the film will have gone through many capable hands to become a bloody work of art of which we can all be proud.

What We Need & What You Get
This five thousand dollars will help us stay on track and pay for the things we need to get the film off the ground in the pre-preproduction stage. This includes schedule and budget breakdowns, as well as story boards to help our Director and Cinematographer map out the shots, and also illustrate our vision to the world while we make the film a reality. The film is three quarters funded, so at this point we need the boost to get things in place, so when its “go time” we can hit the ground running!

We can offer great perks — like a walk on role, a chance to meet the cast, an opportunity to have your original song played within the film, an opportunity to have your product placed within the film, a chance to dress an actor with your clothing company, an opportunity to attend festival screenings or the NY Premiere, authentic props from the film set, autographed DVDs, posters and t-shirts, as well as a ‘special thanks’ in the credits.
So we ask you to please spread the word by sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Email, yelling from mountain tops and if you’re licensed, smoke signaling, so we can bring this terrifying horrific bloodbath of a film to a theater near you!

FANGORIA EXCLUSIVE!: New director and actresses for Hodder’s “OLD 37”

We first told you about the upcoming Kane Hodder-starring chiller OLD 37 back here, and now the producers at Big Picture Media have given us the scoop about a change at the helm and a couple of its leading young ladies…

Joining him [Christian Winters] and previously announced Max Ehrich in the cast are Brandi Cyrus (pictured right), older sister of teen queen Miley Cyrus, and Dalal Bruchmann. “I am so excited to be a part of OLD 37,” Cyrus says. “I was totally drawn to Angel’s character and the script is unique and exciting. Horror fans will love it.”

To read the rest of the FANGORIA exclusive on the movie, click here!